The Creative Foundation Inc; Winnipeg successfully launched its first seminar on the 18th of November, 1999 at the Red River College. The College's Campus Diversity Program Committee co-sponsored the event with the wonderful support of Mr. Larry Partap, Creative Arts of the College.


Approximately 200 students benefited from the educationally stimulating exchange between professionals and students. The speakers came from across section of professional backgrounds from philosophers to graphic designer, teacher, architect and author. Mr. Dave Williamson, who is an accomplished author presented a keynote address to declare the interactive seminar and workshop open.


Well known Caribbean poet, Ms. Madeline Coopsammy, was among the presenters. She was impressed with the interest the students showed in the program. Other presenters whose papers inspired the students were Samuel Afolayan, an architect and former lecturer at the Kwara State Polytechnic, in Nigeria, Karim Dharamsi, a philosophy lecturer at the University of Winnipeg, Ms. Mitzi Ezzat is a practicing dentist in Winnipeg, while Frank Reimer and Ms. Rosie Hernandez are designers. Frank Reimer currently teach at the advertising art department, Red River College.


The afternoon was fun filled with cultural dances, mime and musical performances. Both students and there teachers went on stage to dance. The Director of Music, Creative Foundation Inc; Patrick Keenan led the musical group while Ms. Bola Olorundare, the Director of storytelling and dance of the Foundation led the Ariya Afrika Cultural Group of which she is also the President during the dance session.


Yisa Akinbolaji, Founder of this Foundation which began in Nigeria, in 1994 and President of the Winnipeg Chapter, thanked Red River College and all the participants and speakers for helping to keep the vision alive. He also thank God - the driving force in everything he does.


Two lecture theaters were used to accommodate students that registered from across various School Divisions in Winnipeg. Ms. Kenny Daodu and Eleanor Coopsammy, the Secretary of the Creative Foundation were the Masters of Ceremony for the event. Other distinguished dignitaries include Mr. Gerald Folkerts, the President of the Manitoba Society of Artists, Mr. Duncan McMonagle, journalism instructor at the Red River College and Ms. Lori Skinner, Co-ordinator, International Education, Red River College.


There were three Creative Foundation Awards presented during the event, to honor those who have made distinguished contributions to education, their society and the Creative Foundation program. They were Ms. Barbara Dixon, Multicultural Community Liaison Officer, Red River College. Barbara is well traveled and has taught in Nigeria. Mr. Larry Partap's wonderful support in terms of encouragement and suggestions have brightened the event of the Foundation in Winnipeg. Larry has been employed at the Red River College for over two decades. He is currently the Act. Chair, Creative Arts, Red River College. Mr. Bruce Waldie was also among the recipients of the Foundation's First Mentor Award, 1999. He is the Principal of Frontenac School, St. Boniface School Division in Winnipeg and his contributions to meaningful education and support to the Creative Foundation caught the attention of the Board of Trustees.

by Beatrice Watson


Leo Mol honored at The Winnipeg Convention Centre

by Beatrice Watson


The Creative Foundation Inc of Winnipeg held its Interactive Creative Seminar at which 250 participants attended including approximately 200 high school students and the remainder made up of members of the Manitoa Society of Artists, School teachers and members of the community that are interested in the Arts and young people.

The event took place on the 21st of November, 2003 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre in the heart of downtown Winnipeg.

Highlight of the event

Bola Olorundare, a dancer, storyteller and drummer conducted a workshop that taught participants the rudiments of African dance and music. Student got the opportunity to practice and interact with the Ariya Dancers.

Dr. Kay Stone, a retired English Professor and Storyteller, shared one of her stories with students and answered questions about the process of writing stories and the traditions behind storytelling. This ancient craft which was once used as a practical tool to transmit the culture of a people from one generation to the next is today an art form that can be studied and crafted to perfection.

Dr. Karim Dharamsi got the students brains charged up with interactive socratic questions and answer period. The students enjoyed the interaction and

From left: Yisa Akinbolaji, Leo Mol (showing some of his art book private collections at his home (2000) and Paula Leighton (school teacher).

Yisa Akinbolaji, founder of the Creative Foundation honors Winnipeg internationally accomplished Artist, Leo Mol.

Dr. Kay Stone presenting her speech.

Dr. Karim Dharamsi.

From left: Jim Ogunnoiki, ‘Segun Olude, Kay Stone and Beatrice Watson.


came up with some ingenious solutions to problems posed by Dr. Karim Dharamsi, Philosophy Professor at the University of Winnipeg.

Yisa Akinbolaji, an accomplished artist talked about his works and used the installation artwork at the conference as an example.

Tito Daodu, Ajoke Olorundare, Dupe Daodu and Candace Betiku

Dave Williamson

Larry Partap

Kenny Daodu

Duncan McMonagle

Dr. Mitzi Ezzat

Dr. Karim Dharamsi

Rosie Hernandez

Frank Reimer

Madeline Coopsammy

Creative Foundation Opening at Red River College

Creative Foundation’s first seminar in Nigeria by Yisa Akinbolaji in 1994. (Sponsored by Model College, Badore, Lagos)

Published in 2001

Ajoke Olorundare and Candace Betiku

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