Incorporated since 1999

in Manitoba, Canada

Creative Foundation Inc. (CFI) is a not-for-profit organization. The organization is established to enlist distinguished professionals to motivate the youth of different cultural background and social groups for their academic success and for healthy life choices through mentoring programs offered in the arts, sciences, computer technology and other educational topics relevant to youth. The organization was incorporated in Manitoba in 1999.

The organization which is the brainchild of artist and former educator, Yisa Akinbolaji first started in 1994 while he was still in Lagos, Nigeria. Yisa moved to Canada in 1997.

The organization successfully launched its first workshop and interactive seminar in Canada on the 18th of November 1999 at the Red River College. The College's Campus Diversity Program Committee led by Barbara Dixon co-sponsored the event with Larry Partap, Chair of the Creative Arts of the College. Many of the youth inspired by the organization have gone on to be educators, scientists, technologists, surgeons and entrepreneurs who are now involved in the support for arts and engaed in charity works in the province and internationally.

The board of the CFI Canada have had the privilege of hearing from many professionals that have experienced the organization's activities in their formative years. They have assured the board that a lifelong impact is ongoing in their professional and personal lives. They have also cited the benefits of creative thinking and the value of networking which they learned through the Creative Foundation as fundamental in their lives. This is an encouraging indication that every good seed generously sown has the potential of making the world more peaceful, prosperous place and better place.

The Creative Foundation is non-religious and non-political. It is designed to expose youth to the power of creativity, empower them to express themselves and learn to collaborate with others. It is also designed to expose participants to the unique cultures of other people. The board of CFI encourage every successful adult to realize that it is rewarding to contribute to the greatness of the youth just as certain individuals have contributed to the success they now enjoy, recognizing that the best future lies in the hands of today's children.

The activities of the Creative Foundation also include education in Human Rights, Visual Art, Performing Art, Literary Art, Theatre Art, Technology, Storytelling and Creative Thinking. All these areas and much more are facilitated by individuals of great professional experiences, academic suitability or creative achievements.


Creative Foundation serves to advance education on arts, culture, positive racial relations, human rights, technology and other educational topics relevant to youth, the leaders of the future.

We are a charitable organization based in Winnipeg, Canada