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We are a charitable organization based in Winnipeg, Canada

Incorporated since 1999

in Manitoba, Canada

Congratulations to our Chairman, Yisa Akinbolaji on being recognized and receiving the prestigious Manitoba 150 award.

Two years after Yisa Akinbolaji immigrated to Canada from Nigeria, he founded the Creative Foundation. The foundation invites accomplished professionals in all fields – art, science, business, and beyond – to workshops aimed at inspiring student success.

The seed for the Creative Foundation was planted three years before Akinbolaji came to Winnipeg when he saw a need for inspiration and empowerment in Nigerian youth. Akinbolaji has received messages from people who came to those first workshops in Nigeria and gone on to become successful entrepreneurs.

“I knew that if I were young, and I had a professional that I could look up to, it would certainly change my life,” Akinbolaji said.

Once in Winnipeg, Akinbolaji saw the talent in the city and a place for the foundation to be successful. Red River College provided one classroom to use for the first workshop, but there were so many attendees he ended up filling three.

Akinbolaji believes by listening to the lessons, advice, and experience of successful people in a variety of careers, students will recognize that the work they're putting into school is connected to their future success.

The Creative Foundation's goal goes beyond supporting individual success. Akinbolaji sees it as a foundation for the entire community.

“I want to develop the youth so they can grow to become successful,” Akinbolaji said. “And then if there are poor people among them, they will have the capacity and passion to help them.”

Yisa Akinbolaji


Building a bright and successful community of tomorrow

Written by Red River College student: Emma Carey

Donation made to Creative Foundation Inc.