Preparing Youth for Future Success
from Ages 7 to 16 years (Register today)


Ignite Young Minds through a Creative Arts Education Program. Learning from professional artists.


Empowering young minds with the magic of
web and graphic design can unleash their
inner creative genius, fuel their self expression, and equip them with problem solving superpowers


Set the stage for the next generation of tech wizards! Let them explore the world of coding languages, software development, and the latest tech trends.
The Creative Foundation has just opened its first location last year (2023) at #1615 St. Mary's Road, Winnipeg. This is after two decades of space provision for our programming by the Red River College Polytechnic (RRC Polytech) where our first event took place in 1999. We would like to offer our congratulations to the visionary leader, Mr. Yisa Akinbolaji, C.M, founder of the Creative Foundation who received the Order of Canada in 2023, for his innovations as an esteemed visual artist and for his mentorship of youth in the province of Manitoba.

Our Vision

Educational Program Development

Creative Foundation serves to advance education on arts, culture, computer
coding, science, and other educational topics relevant to the youth. We train them on how to deploy the principles used in our programs in their other school subjects, which has helped our youth to do well. We recognize that without strong academic foundation, children are not likely to find College or University easy - if they go at all.

Our Mission

Youth Empowerment
To encourage children of different cultures to grow and learn together as a foundation for success.

Our Values

Multicultural Awareness

To boost equity and global peace.
Humanity's best future lies in the
hands of today's children.


Many of the youth who were trained and inspired by our organization in their formative years have gone on to do well as scientists, technologists,
medical practitioners, creative artists, educators, etc.

We are a Winnipeg after school registered charitable organization dedicated to advancing education, youth empowerment, and positive social impact. Our mission is to foster creativity, innovation, and multicultural awareness, empowering the youth to achieve academic success and make healthier life choices. Join us on a journey of discovery and transformation. Have a question?: (204)805-7544

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