Delivery Strategy

The Undertaking of

Creative Foundation Inc.

To advance education by providing a mentoring program to children and youth to develop their personal confidence and skills to improve their academic success.

To accomplish its purpose, the organization shall:

  • Provide youth engagement and positive direction.

  • Promote positive interaction among young people and diverse professional facilitators.

  • Empower young people towards becoming visionaries.

  • Encourage ethnocultural expressions of art and creativity.

  • Encourage originality and teamwork.

  • Inspire the youth to believe they can contribute to the development of society.

  • Clarify that success in creativity comes with perseverance.

  • Discourage discrimination and promote the reduction of racial stereotypes.

  • Promote the application of cultural knowledge and creativity in advancing science and technology.

  • Organize award presentations, art exhibitions, entertainment, and cultural presentations.

Our Programs
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