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Creative Foundation was incorporated in Manitoba in July 1999. The organization serves to advance education by providing workshops and mentorship on arts, culture, computer coding, human rights, science, technology, and other educational topics relevant to youth.

The activities of the Creative Foundation are facilitated by individuals who have professional qualifications, and academic and/or creative achievements suitable for advancing youth education. The activities of the organization include learning through animation, arts, technology, new media, and human rights activities. Through these opportunities, the youth will develop their capacity for problem-solving, strengthen their personal confidence and improve their academic success.

Many of the youth who were inspired by the organization in their formative years have gone on to be educators, scientists, technologists, creative artists, medical practitioners, etc.

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A bright future is one that values technological innovation and art appreciation as equally important to a balanced education. To develop the creativity necessary for future advancement, we need to teach these two disciplines to today's children. The two disciplines are not just to coexist but collaborate.
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