Envisioning the future with visual art

Envisioning the future with visual art

Students in Grades 4 to 6 from Ryerson School in Fort Richmond joined other schools on May 11 at the Holiday Inn South to participate in a hands-on interactive workshop titled Growing the Value of Originality and Teamwork organized by the Creative Foundation Inc.

Rochelle Squires, provincial minister of sport, culture and heritage ignited the atmosphere with her energizing appeal to the schoolchildren to be the best the future deserves. Yisa Akinbolaji, founder of CFI, got the kids thinking and working.

He distributed canvasses, brushes, palettes, paint and his new artistic invention known as “remoglue.”

With remoglue, all the kids painted the bright future they envisage — symbols of hope, joy, unity, compassion, creativity, friendship, originality and teamwork.

“Creative Foundation continues to produce positive fruits, and its goal is not to make the youths become artists, but to engage established professionals in different fields of arts, sciences and technology to inspire and motivate the youth to use creativity in all areas of life, including problem solving and developing healthier life choices,” Akinbolaji says.

Chris Epp, a Grade 5 teacher at Ryerson, said “the children enjoyed the variety of activities that were offered at the event; and working with a professional artist was a valuable experience that can’t be offered easily within the classroom”.

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