Innovation through creativity

  • Author:

    Garry Green
  • Date:

    May 11, 2017
  • Location:

    Winnipeg, MB

About the event

Innovation through creativityThe highly original and exciting activities of the Creative Foundation Inc. are designed to impress upon the students how powerful they can be when they work together to create new and innovative ideas. The students can also use creative strategies they learn from professionals which they encounter through the foundation’s event in whatever field of endeavour they choose to follow. In today’s complex world, it is important to note that the challenges we face should be taken on by those who are willing and able to think and act creatively. As the world changes in an accelerated manner, our ways of thinking will need to change so that we may adapt and create the world in which we choose to live.

Learning to think creatively is the cornerstone of innovation and invention and will prove to be the key to our successful future. “Disruptor” is a new word in our cultural lexicon. It indicates a new idea that departs so radically from the old ways, which will also redefine and reshape the world and our lives in positive ways never dreamed of. Examples of people whose innovations fit the description of disruptors are Albert Einstein in science, Steve Jobs in technology and Pablo Picasso in art. We now enjoy the benefits which these innovative people brought to our world, and the positive benefits we receive when citizens are encouraged to collaborate and think outside the box. Creative Foundation continues to seek to equip young future leaders to discover and express their creative abilities now and going into the future so that we all may benefit positively.

This non-profit organization is the brainchild of our good friend and founder Yisa Akinbolaji, who was able to plant the tree almost two decades in Winnipeg and we see it now bearing good fruit. I have been made aware that there have been a few young professionals, including a practising surgeon who has taken inspiration from the empowering workshop of the Creative Foundation Inc. in the past. It was with great personal delight that I served as Master of Ceremonies for this year’s celebration held on May 11th, 2017, at the Holiday Inn, South Winnipeg. On behalf of the Creative Foundation, I would like to thank Minister Rochelle Squires for her support and inspiring presentation and all board members, presenters and volunteers who worked so hard to make the event a huge success.